Working Together

Moving forward with a joyful, connected, meaningful life

I know you want a joyful, connected, meaningful life

Even if you can't conceive what that looks like for you yet. I help women, find the light switch and turn back on the light inside of themselves.

It would be an honour for me to hold space for you. To hear your stories, your truth.  I have been working with women through their deepest, darkest, hardest, and most shameful stories as they gently find their way to freedom for good. Keeping you emotionally safe is always my utmost priority.

I specialise in Trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, Emotional Eating and complex cases.

Taking your first step

Finding the right person who can truly hear you without judgment, where you feel safe can make such a difference to your experience and transformation.  

Lets chat on a complimentary Connection Call, this helps me to understand where you are right now and you can ask any questions.

Perhaps in the past, you have waited weeks to get into someone, to then find out you don't connect with them. I know many of you are sick of telling your stories over and over again. Having to start over every time, develop trust with someone new. The Connection Call allows you to connect, without cost or obligation and determine if it feels right for you.

You can book in for a Connection Call over here.

When you are ready to start sessions are available via Zoom online internationally from my home, the beautiful beaches of Lake Mac, NSW, nestled between Sydney and Newcastle.

Finding Freedom

6 x 70min Clinical EFT Sessions

$150 per session

This is a great way to try out EFT and get a feel for how it works and learn the basics to help yourself too.

Discovering Freedom

12 x 70min Clinical EFT Sessions

$145 per session - SAVE $60

When you have a theme, a story, or are emotionally eating, this is a great place to start to work through the deeper elements.

Awaken Freedom

24 x 70min Clinical EFT Sessions

$135 per session - SAVE $360

If you are feeling like you want to change your life, there are multiple areas or aspects that you wish were different. This is a great place to gift yourself the time and space to do the deep work in safe place.

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All prices are in your local currency.

Savings are based on $150 session price per session.

Payment Plans are available

Why is there a minimum of 6 sessions?

Whilst we would love to solve it all in an hour, it's just not likely to happen that fast.
To give you the best chance at making some tangible change we need to commit time and energy to unraveling our current thinking and circumstances and that will differ for everyone.

Building trust allows allows you to go deeper to the transformative work.

If you need immediate assistance in

AUS - In an emergency 000, lifeline on 13 11 14 or
 for DV related calls 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732

USA - In an emergency 911, call or text 988 for the suicide and crisis line
DV related calls 1800 799 SAFE (1800 799 7233)

Reach out for an obligation free, complimentary Connection Call.

Call where you can ask any questions and make sure it feels like a good fit for you on 04 333 222 37 or book one now online.

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