About me

My journey to Awaken Freedom

The Journey

From 5-star weddings at Sydney’s Shangri-La for that special day to spruiking Streets Ice Cream for 10 years and bringing Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream to our shores, parenting and being the social director within my circle, or making that cake or meal, that leaves you feeling as if you have been hugged, deeply on a soul level. I have always played a role in spreading and crafting happiness in some way.

How I started:

For me it felt like something was always missing. I was always trying to provide what I couldn’t find.

As a young teenager I experienced things that shook my world, I was handed an express ticket into adulthood or maturity, without the skills to survive there. The world wasn’t safe, I didn’t trust myself, nor did I love myself.

Things got even more adult on me, and more complex. After losing my mums partner of 10 years when he was only 52, I stumbled across EFT/Tapping a few months later as a happy accident. In a 1-day workshop I went inward and that started the transformation of a major relationship in my life.

The Change

I forgot about it for a few years until I became conscious of seeing a pattern from people in my life. How did I attract these people?! I was listening to a Hay House podcast and heard someone mention Tapping and I thought “Ahh YES! I remember that”. I found a local practitioner and got tapping. Within a few sessions, that person in my workplace no longer triggered me.  I was blown away and kept tapping on other areas of my life.

At this point I should issue the warning, CAUTION, Tapping will change your life!

I made some significant changes and decisions AKA turned my life upside down which actually happened to be the right way up! I began my practitioner training. Whilst I loved the work I did, I knew that there were people out there struggling like I was daily and if this could change my life the way it did, when I thought I was a lost cause. I needed to share that with others.

Time to Share

I have had my share of trauma since I was that young teen, some days I’d argue I’ve had more than my share, I always worried it made me unqualified to help others, who I am to help others when I have all of this? Imagine a giant pile of baggage, dusty, heavy old suitcases and trunks bigger than me. Turns out, it actually makes me a better practitioner, because when they come, I see and hear them on a level and hold space like only someone who has been there knows.  Self-work is always ongoing, but we are always growing.

In my entire corporate career, I was always told I was too emotional, that being deeply empathetic slowed me down. I have now found my place, where my emotional capacity and ability to hear deeply, has found its place.

Happiness is an inside job, it might get messy, the emotional cost may seem high, but if you’re like me, it’s probably already messy and costing you greatly, the reward however is great. 

I now specialise in Truama, PTSD, CPTSD, Emtotional Eating and complex cases.

Our Values

Emotional Safety

Keeping you emotionally and physically safe whilst being the valut. What you say is kept confidential and safe, without judgment. We strive to ensure you leave every session feeling as if the hard stuff has been safely packed away again, leaving you with a deep sense of calm.

Lasting Transformation

An evidence based practice that supports you to create lasting, noticeable change you can see in your body, mind and daily life. Empowering you, to find your light and right from the shadows.


Highly qualified, trauma informed practitioner, that is committed to you. Doing what is right vs easy. I walk the talk, do my self work, live and breathe the values.

Authentic Connection

I am not just a cheerleader on the sidelines. I am your Emotional Ally. We get REAL, honour your truth and ensure you are truly heard and understood. I am right there with you, in the trenches, on your journey.
You are not alone.

EFT can produce more rapid results.

When Researchers compared an hour long eft session with an hour of talk therapy (CBT), anxiety & depression markers dropped twice as much with EFT.*

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