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Awaken Freedom

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Supporting women who are struggling with their stories of what happened to safely process their hard stuff, to finally see tangible change and to find an inner peace and freedom they haven’t known before and might not even think is possible.Why?

Because every woman deserves to know herself and her true worth.

Feeling like no one gets it?

Being told things like ‘just get over it, don’t let it get keep you down, put it behind you’ can be heartbreaking, when no one understands. if it were that simple you would have right!  

If you have been told to 'just get over it' and you're sick of the 'look on the bright side stuff' yet you have a  spark that refuses to let the past dictate anymore and you feel if you could just not let it get under your skin you'd be able to breathe & be 'normal'

There is hope and a gentle safe way, to come out the other side

Katie is passionate about building trust and creating an emotionally safe place for you to work through your hard stories,  specialising in childhood trauma, complex cases and emotional eating

You have probably been told you're strong...

I know you feel exhausted and broken and your soul is tired.
Your tired eyes search a face that has faced too much, digging deep to be strong another day. Your stories haunt you daily and keep you awake at night.  

You cycle from panic, to anger, to sadness, to confusion and into overwhelm, all with an underlying anxiety and urgency to get there, to come out the other side.

Desperate for something to be different. Your relationships, time, boundaries, weight, aches, and health are showing signs of wounds from your internal battle. You keep pushing it all down to keep going.

I hear you, you are actually courageous

Perhaps you have told your story before, you felt it didn’t change a thing. Maybe you even walked away more traumatised by the re-telling, opening pandoras box and then having to head home whilst the intensity was still high. Alone, with no tools to cope, again.  Having to be strong, but you're not strong, strong implies you were never afraid, that it wasn’t hard.

You are courageous, it means no matter how scary it was or is, you have stepped up, shown up and kept going. That takes courage. Whilst your light may be dim right now, there is a small part of you that hopes that there is still a chance that you will get there.

Let’s honour YOUR truth and find freedom

It is possible to get THERE, and YOU do deserve it, no matter what they made you believe. What you need now is someone to hear you, your stories and honour your truth in a safe way to truly process and release all that haunts you in a way that feels safe. I know nothing destroys your inner peace like denying your truth, or not having your voice heard.

You need tools to cope in between, and to not walk away feeling like your back in it and needing a few days to recover. You need progress and change you can see in the way you live every day. The way you feel in your body. Calm the chaos in your mind. Your stories no longer own you or hold you prisoner.

The deep sense of anxiety is replaced with a gentle self-trusting serenity. You can breathe.


Emotional Safety

Keeping you emotionally and physically safe whilst being the valut. What you say is kept confidential and safe, without judgment. We strive to ensure you leave every session feeling as if the hard stuff has been safely packed away again, leaving you with a deep sense of calm.

Lasting Transformation

An evidence based practice that supports you to create lasting, noticeable change you can see in your body, mind and daily life. Empowering you, to find your light and right from the shadows.


Highly qualified, trauma informed practitioner, that is committed to you. Doing what is right vs easy. I walk the talk, do my self work, live and breathe the values.

Authentic Connection

I am not just a cheerleader on the sidelines. I am your Emotional Ally. We get REAL, honour your truth and ensure you are truly heard and understood. I am right there with you, in the trenches, on your journey.You are not alone.

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Find calm amongst the chaos

Life can feel as relentless as the waves. We provide the tools to find calm amongst the chaos

Transforming lives with incredible results in clinical testing

PTSD Symptoms Down 32%*

PTSD and complex PTSD are all too common in 2021. The symptoms are intrusive and impact on our lives significantly.

Depression Down 35%*

An EFT Meta Ananysis (gold standard research) showed EFT to have a greater effect size on depressive symptoms than a comporable study on antidpressent drug trials.

Cortisol Levels Down 43%^

Cortisol is our stress hormone. We are all too aware of the impact of stress on our lives and physical bodies, finding such fast relief is life changing.

Reduces Anxiety by 40%*

We can all relate to that anxious feeling, feeling it in our bodies not just our minds. Learn tools to reduce anxiety in the moment whilst also clearing that long standing feeling like your holding your breath

Reduction in Pain 57%*

If you have pain or chronic pain you understand all too well how much it impacts your mood and motivation as well. Image wht life could look like.

Food Cravings Down 74%*

It sounds to good to be true, but it is. Eliminating the food craving or the emotional reasons why we turn to food, changes lives on so many levels.

Increase in Happiness 31%*

Happiness is a daily practice, a state of mind, often fueled by gratitude or sheer joy. When we clear what stands in the way of our happiness we create space for it to rise up!

Immune System
Markers up 113%*

Creating physiological changes to improve our immune system as we work though our hard stuff shows the impact of releasing the negative in our lives

Blood Pressure Down 8%*

High blood pressure can be come a serious issue. Decreasing it naturally is a welcomed improvement.

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