Emotional Eating

Unlock emotional eating and find freedom.

Are you turning to food to cope?

Have you tried before without success or lost weight and found it, struggled with will power and ended up hating yourself more? I hear you and I ask Carrie Bradshaw style.

 “Is it possible to live a life where, when the shit hits the fan or starts to get even a little hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, you don’t turn to food to make yourself feel better? Or are we doomed to a life of the desperate longing and self-hatred that follows”?

The answer is no - Freedom is possible

Whilst turning to food 'helps' in the short term. It's only adding to our stress levels at the end of the day as we struggle with our weight, body image and self-love on top of everything else we are dealing with and working through.

If eating

You might be exhausted from the cycle of the sheer desperation to feel better and then the disappointment and frustration that you did it...again.

Emotional eating is driven by emotions. This work is the missing mindset element to change. 

There are some key things to work through to unlock the hold emotional eating has on you.

EFT gives us the power to harness that emotion and process it in a healthy way, rather than eating it.

It’s a gentle but powerful tool to understand what lays underneath and is driving our behaviour of turning to food / drinks. It helps us process our hard stuff so the emotion isn’t driving the behaviour and we don't have to rely on motivation or will power.

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Tapping Reduces Cravings by 74%^ 

This study shows that the changes in cravings were mirrored by changes in brain activity while viewing images of craved foods when thinking about consuming them.

When the pre & post-treatment fMRI scans were compared, the parts of the brain that lit up when the images of high-calorie foods were shown, no longer lit up as they did before, for the EFT Tapping group.

I’ve been there

You are not alone. I am human too and know all too well where you are right now.

I am part way through my journey, and more comfortable in my own skin now than when I was even ‘lighter’. Even when I was at my ideal weight, I couldn’t see it or appreciate it. I still wasn’t comfortable as me.

This journey, working through the hard stuff has indirectly allowed for more self-acceptance at first, self-compassion, self-worth, self-trust, and self-love to develop. It’s not been about ‘losing weight to look better’ it’s been an inside job to feel better.

As a result I shed some weight, I don’t need it to protect me or buffer me anymore. And I choose the word shed, because when we lose something, we tend to want to find it again. Shedding is to simply get rid of something, that is no longer wanted or needed.

Indirect Benefits

Increases self worth - a natural desire to look after yourself well
Helps you process the hard stuff in your life  gently & safely
Increased trust in yourself
Increased confidence
Improved body image,  self love & acceptance just as you are
Really living life, doing those things you hide from now

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