Thinking of becoming a practitioner or looking to fine tune your skills?

Evidence Based EFT Mentoring

Katie is a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, with Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT for Trauma.  She has an international EFT practice infused with hundreds of hours of face-to-face learnings with clients.

As a mentor Katie is dedicated to her self-work, keeping her skills up to date and creating a safe, open place for you to grow your skill-set and confidence to keep clients safe and create tangible change in a high-quality practice

Benefits of Mentoring

Improve and refine your skills, with 1:1 personalised support
Increase your confidence, understand your scope of practice and when to refer
Gain support on a professional level
Help with ethical concerns, boundaries, transference/ counter transferance reactions and indivudal tendencies

I remember that feeling, I’d finished initial training and was keen and ready to go. As exciting as getting started with this incredible new tool was, I had an equal measure of fear around keeping people safe and getting it right.

Self-work plays a huge role and so does mentoring. Having that 1:1 support to hear your specific challenges and help you grow your skills and confidence can bridge the gap between excited and ready.

You want to find yourself a mentor that helps you to feel safe, supported and helps you grow, we are so much more open and ready to learn when we feel we can be ourselves and know our vulnerability will be safe.

For me as a practitioner and mentor, keeping the client safe is always my highest priority. I want to ensure I am helping mentees to become competent, high quality, ethical practitioners with the tools, skills and confidence to be able to keep their clients safe. Whilst helping you develop the skills and techniques of the highest standard, to help facilitate lasting and tangible change for your clients.

Receiving feedback can be such a daunting experience, something we need can often need to tap on ourselves. I am committed to offering offer a safe, non-judgmental space where my mentees feel that no question is too silly, big or small and felt comfortable to raise anything. Trust me I have probably asked it or wondered before too.

I am ready to get started!

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