What is EFT

A powerful stress reduction tool, changing lives.

Having the power to change your life

Tapping is gentle and easy to learn and empowers you with a coping strategy whenever a situation arises. Tapping literally puts the power to change your life into your own hands.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and like everything else in the universe are composed of energy. As with acupuncture, tapping utilises the body's energy meridians.

EFT Tapping involves:
Gently tapping on meridian points with your fingers, whilst focusing on the negative emotion
memory or pain, with an acknowledgment of self acceptance.

Emotional distress created physical symptoms

Physical symptoms cause emotional distress

Acknowledging the truth to ourselves can be powerful in our efforts to process and release difficult emotions.

Are you struggling with:

EFT can assist with so many aspects of our lives and I am passionate about helping you find freedom.

How can EFT help me?

Your wired for survival. Your Amygdala, a very old part of your brain works like a smoke detector. It is constantly scanning the horizon for threats.  If it senses a set of cues that are similar to the past that was at best unpleasant and uncomfortable or at worst, downright traumatic, it will send you into your fight, flight, freeze, faint or fawn response. Remembering is a way of keeping you safe, from allowing it to happen again.

What we resist tends to persist and you may find yourself in a similar situation or experience repeatedly. You may wonder why you keep attracting “the same” people. You are constantly being triggered by the original event that caused the distress as well as the current one.

EFT or Tapping allows you to go back to the original memories and remove the emotional intensity from them. Tapping is scientifically proven to send a signal to the amygdala to turn off your stress response. The memory is retained but you no longer are triggered in the current by what has happened in the past.

Not only is it great in the moment to reduce your stress levels but also incredible tool to go back and recode these distressing memories and remove the stress response reaction. So that when those cues come up again, you’re no longer feeling triggered.

"If you want to clean a house, first you must see the dirt."  
- Louise Hay

Why do we focus on the negative?

Even though the "Law of Attraction" dictates that we must focus on the positive/what we do want, first we must see and acknowledge the negative to then process and release it. 
We wouldn't put a Band Aid straight over a dirty & infected wound without cleaning it first. It's important to clean out and process the negative aspects.

This then clears the way for a new positive truth to move in.

EFT Tapping FAQ's

What can I use Tapping for?

Anything! Any memory or story that gives you uncomfortable or big emotions can be safely worked through with EFT. It has incredible results in clinical testing for PTSD, anxiety, depression, cravings, pain, blood pressure. You can check out more over on the Science & Evidence page.

I have talked about this before, will I have to keep repeating it?

No, extensive clinical testing shows us that the work you do is lasting. There may be more elements or aspects that need to be worked through, but it's very unlikely you will have to rehash the same stuff over and over. You can learn more on the Science & Evidence page.

Do I need to say the words out loud?

No, whilst sometimes its therapudic to get out the words with our voice that we couldn't say back then, you don't have to. The Tapping will still be effective silently.

I'm scared to go back there, will it be gentle and safe?

I deeply understand how scary and overwhelming it can be to go back there. EFT has many techniques we can use to very gently and slowly get closer to the "big" stuff without re-traumatising you. We have options where you don't even have to tell the story out loud.

Can I Tap between sessions myself?

Yes. Once you have learnt how to use EFT it empowers you with a healthy and impactful coping mechanism. Even tapping silently through the points whilst you're watching Netflix can start to reduce your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. We have discreet ways you can even tap in stressful meetings! However you are responsible for your wellbeing and safety. Please leave the "big" stuff to work through with a certified practitioner who can safely guide you and hold that space for you.

What if we open Pandora's Box, can you pack it away so I can function again?

I have lots of experience with gently and safely holding space for you to work through and clear out your Pandora's Box. At the end of the session, if you would like to or need to, I use a process we call packing away. This allows us to pack away all the big stuff. I can include a small meditation to help you to find a sense of peace and calm in your mind, body and heart so by the end of the session you leave feeling like you have worked hard, but feel lighter and are ok to function, work, adult, parent etc. You will get the time you need, no one will leave a session with me feeling open, triggered or abandoned in your time of need.

What if I can't Tap in a certain spot?

That's ok, we can always use alternative points for that meridian or skip a point. Whist it's important to tap the right spot and not just any where we can adjust the tapping to suit you and still achieve results.

I'm know I'm not ok but I don't even know where to start? Can I try tapping?

You sure can. We start exactly where you are. Maybe it's that you're not ok, or maybe its feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Maybe we need to tune into your body and notice where and how you feel those big feelings inside you. No matter where you are right now, we can gently begin to unravel whats keeping you in knots, at your pace.

I have tried tapping along with a group or video, is working 1:1 different and more effective?

Yes, working with a practitioner 1:1 means you can get really specific and that's where the bigger shifts start to happen. When you tap along, the topic and words used might be too global and not resonate for you and they may have switched to the positive before your negative beliefs/ thoughts or feelings were cleared. When we tap specifically for you, we are honouring YOUR truth. Feeling truly heard and EXPRESSING your feelings around your experiences is so powerful in your journey to finding freedom from your past and worry about your future.

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