The Science & Evidence

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping

Shifting painful memories, learnings and behaviours is possible - a mind-body approach.

EFT or Tapping is an evidence based modality with mounting evidence as an effective stress reduction and mood regulation tool.

What makes EFT different?

EFT is known for more rapid results

The somatic aspect of tapping helps us to clear faster. In clinical testing, Cortisol levels dropped by 43% n 1 hour.

When EFT was compared to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT in a 5000 people strong trial, 90% of the people in the EFT Group reported some improvement to complete remission, compared to 63% of the CBT group. The 90% in the acupoint improved in an average of 3 sessions compared to an average of 15 for the CBT group*.  

Not only is it working faster in the moment but also over time. 

A somatic therapy, it addresses both the body and the mind.

Our bodies have a physiological response to trauma, these reactions and changes become "encoded in the viscera" and require techniques that "engage the safety system of the brain before trying to promote new thinking" - Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Clinical testing shows tapping on the acupressure points turns off the stress response in our amygdala and lowers our cortisol levels (stress hormone). We are “re-coding” the memories without the distress intensity.

The longevity of results

The results are long lasting as the brain has the capacity to rewire or recode itself. As we tap we send that deactivating message to our stress response whilst focusing on the difficult memory.

It keeps us safe in the moment, we aren’t re-traumatised and allows us to recode the memory without the intensity. When we can go back and take the intensity out of the original events, they no longer trigger us in the present moment.

90% of participants no longer registered on the PTSD scale.

After 6 hours of EFT, 90% of the participants with PTSD (N=30) no longer registered on the PTSD scale compared to only 4% in the standard caregroup (N=29). After 6 months 86% who received EFT remained in remission and 80% at 12 month follow up.+

Exciting & significant milestones for EFT TAPPING 

Transforming lives with incredible results in clinical testing

PTSD Symptoms Down 32%*

PTSD and complex PTSD are all too common in 2021. The symptoms are intrusive and impact on our lives significantly.

Depression Down 35%*

An EFT Meta Ananysis (gold standard research) showed EFT to have a greater effect size on depressive symptoms than a comporable study on antidpressent drug trials.

Cortisol Levels Down 43%^

Cortisol is our stress hormone. We are all too aware of the impact of stress on our lives and physical bodies, finding such fast relief is life changing.

Reduces Anxiety by 40%*

We can all relate to that anxious feeling, feeling it in our bodies not just our minds. Learn tools to reduce anxiety in the moment whilst also clearing that long standing feeling like your holding your breath

Reduction in Pain 57%*

If you have pain or chronic pain you understand all too well how much it impacts your mood and motivation as well. Image wht life could look like.

Food Cravings Down 74%*

It sounds to good to be true, but it is. Eliminating the food craving or the emotional reasons why we turn to food, changes lives on so many levels.

Increase in Happiness 31%*

Happiness is a daily practice, a state of mind, often fueled by gratitude or sheer joy. When we clear what stands in the way of our happiness we create space for it to rise up!

Immune System
Markers up 113%*

Creating physiological changes to improve our immune system as we work though our hard stuff shows the impact of releasing the negative in our lives

Blood Pressure Down 8%*

High blood pressure can be come a serious issue. Decreasing it naturally is a welcomed improvement.

EFT is revolutionising the therapy space.

Understand more about EFT in our TEDx Talk with Dr Peta Stapleton PHD, Associate Professor, Clinical and Health Psychologist.

10 years of clinical evidence and research

Gold standard Clinical testing confirms EFT as a powerful tool for positive and meaningful change.
1 hour of tapping has significant impacts

1 hour of tapping can cause more permanent positive change than traditional therapies with less dependencies for ongoing therapy.

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